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Grapes that Fall: Walla Walla Wine Event Seattle

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Steve and I enjoyed the Walla Walla Wine Event at McCaw Hall February 9, 2015 Put on by Walla Walla Wine Alliance

Great food. Awesome wines. Thank you for organizing this event and bringing such a great line up to show us. 🙂

Grapes that Fall is a section of this blog where I post things I hear from people worth listening to. I do not necessarily quote them word-for-word but want to pass along what I gather from talking to these wonderful people. Maybe you can benefit from the things they say too.


Justin Basel Winemaker @ Foundry Vineyards

“Farmer first. Winemaker second.”

Jean-François Pellet Winemaker/Partner Pepper Bridge Winery

“I think if you listen well your vines will talk to you.”

  • Do things that will ensure the vineyards will be here not just for the next generation, but the next and the next.
  • Be a good steward of the land and treat the farm as a whole.
  • Composting provides a pantry for the vines. Better soils have better water retention.
  • Disking the rows disturbs young weeds that will later dry out and not be a problem. This decreases the need for herbicide under and around the vines.
  • Pruning is one of the most important jobs in the vineyard. Unpruned vines do not produce consistently. It takes about two years for vines that have been let go to recover.
  • Set aside at least 5% of the farm to host beneficial insects.


Happy Farming,

Janey Grapeseed

Author: Christine J. Webster

The vineyard should be a place of joy and peace. What should we do if it goes sideways despite our best efforts? Here on Weaver's Hill, we planted, tended and hoped but it all went sideways. We have learned a lot and we still have a vineyard. God's prophet, Isaiah, charges his vines themselves to judge between he and his vineyard saying, "What more could have been done than I have done for it?" He then declares to them what he will do. What follows is not pretty but it is effective. Here on Janey Grapeseed we invite you to share our journey from sideways to upright in our small patch of vines that speak treasured lessons into our lives.

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